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In Ep. 16, Mike Dolce talks to phlebotomy specialist Tony Notoroberto about the importance of blood tests and gets insider tips on how to get the most out of your relationship with your doctor. Mike also explains how to use a lifestyle approach to offset the need for medicine while still embracing modern science. Mike ...
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Mike answers your questions! Topics include energy drinks, the FDA on fish mislabeling, healthy restaurant dining, sweet snacks, nutrient timing, stretching, strength training for MMA, the difference between Living Lean and Living Lean Cookbook, juicing, intermittent fasting, what Mike would have done differently in his earlier years and more! Additional Media 1) Mike talked about ...
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In episode 14, Mike talks about how to get incredible abs and answers your questions about cow’s milk, post workout nutrition, fish, fish oil, dairy, cheese, earth-grown nutrients, vitamin D, sunshine, lactose intolerance, lactase, fruit, protein, whey, reducing body fat, gaining muscle, casein, hemp, The Dolce Diet Living Lean, 3 Weeks to Shredded, blending, juicing, ...
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“My life was about to change. Everything you know is in the past now. You’re going to start a new chapter. I had that desire and that fire within me. I wanted to be the best. Whatever it takes…”┬áThiago ‘Pitbull’ Alves Mike has a candid and inspirational conversation with his good friend and athlete Thiago ...
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In episode 12, Mike previews upcoming guests and he answers your questions. Topics include overcoming injury, rehab, potatoes, love and affection, fast food, books for a road trip, post workout shakes or meals, earned meals, how do I know how much to lift, weight lifting, finding time for yourself, protein powders, testosterone boosters, deer antler, ...
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In episode 11, Mike talks about dealing with negative people, the necessity of carbs, increasing cardio endurance, 100 lbs. weight loss, cancer, weight cutting, body fat percentage for men and women, Valentine’s Day recipes and more! Additional Media The Dolce Diet Valentine’s Day Menu is here! Click to go to our Amazon page for the ...
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In Episode 10, Mike takes us behind the scenes of The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 and Uriah Hall’s huge knockout of Adam Cella; and as always, he answers your questions! Topics include weight loss myths, why Mike doesn’t believe in counting calories, carb backloading, intermittent fasting, healthy weight gain, power lifting, strength training, romantic Valentine’s ...
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In Episode 9, Mike describes how he packs his bags for healthy traveling; protein bars; interval training, resistance training, burning body fat, Fartlek training; cleanses; detoxes; working out with a cold; training while sick; weight cutting vs. fat loss, microwaves, as well as Mike Dolce’s coaching role on The Ultimate Fighter Season 17.

In episode 8, Mike answers your questions on healthy fats; distance running; losing belly fat; a new mom needs more sleep; pregnancy weight gain; foods we think are healthy but really are not; sugar-free products; are frozen fruits & vegetables healthy; hot sauce and hot peppers; thyroid problems; daily water intake; water retention; food intolerance, ...
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